PRODUKTE Adjustable recessed downlights Flush recessed downlights IP54 Recessed downlights IP65 Small recessed downlights Mini downlights Pendant downlights Recessed downlights Semi-recessed downlights Small recessed downlights Surface mounted downlights Trimless effect recessed downlights Trimless recessed downlights Linear recessed downlights Linear frameless recessed downlights Linear surface mounted downlights Linear pendant downlights Linear pendant downlights double emission Linear wall mounted fixtures Linear wall mounted fixtures double emission Multidirectional recessed downlights IP54 linear recessed downlights IP54 linear frameless recessed downlights IP54 linear surface mounted downlights IP54 linear pendant downlights IP54 wall mounted linear fixtures Linear recessed downlights IP20 Linear frameless recessed downlights IP20 Linear surface mounted downlights IP20 Linear wall mounted fixtures IP20 Linear projectors IP20 Linear projectors IP40 Spots with recessed base Surface-mounted spots Track spots Linear downlights with track adapter Recessed downlights for lighting replacement Recessed linera downlights for lighting replacement IP65 Recessed downlights IP65 Surface mounted downlights IP68 buried luminaires for inground illumination IP68 Inground buried uplights IP65 PENDANT DOWNLIGHTS IP65 PROJECTORS IP65 WALL LUMINAIRES IP67 Recessed downlights IP67 inground uplights IP65 linear surface mounted downlights IP65 linear pendant downlights IP65 linear wall mounted downlights IP65 linear projectors IP67 linear buried uplights IP65 linear recessed downlights Bollard with trims Bollard with inner white reflector Opal diffuser bollards Fluted glass bollards Frontal bollards Inclined bollards Two sides light emission bollards IP65 Pendant downlights for catenary systems IP65 linear pendant downlights double emission IP65 Wall mounted linear fixtures double emission IP67 buried luminaires for inground illumination IP66 Pendant linear downlights for catenary systems IP68 PROJECTORS IP66 wall-mounted luminaires