ROVASI - Sponsor of the First International Educators Summit at Euroluce


ROVASI - Sponsor of the First International Educators Summit at Euroluce

In our eagerness to support lighting professionals, we at ROVASI were pleased to sponsor the First International Edu­cators’ Summit hold on 12th and 13th April at Euroluce. The summit had as mission to find common guidelines for professional courses and studies in lighting design. The event was organized by both PLDA and the Educational Events Division of VIA Publishing and was led by Jean Sundin, principal of lighting design firm Office for Visual Interaction (OVI) and Director of Education for the PLDA.

The meeting was successful in creating an international platform for dialog and relevant ideas were exchanged among educators. The event brought together educators, university representatives, and practitioners involved in education in universities and lighting academies over the World. More than fifty of the most influential figures participated in the summit representing more than 18 countries spanning universities and lighting academies around the World, and cros­sing between professional associations including the PLDA, IALD, IES, LET, APIL and others.

As preview, the workgroups were the best way to discuss and to put together the lighting design syllabus at university level, one of the requirements for having lighting design recognized as a profession and a complete overview of the current landscape of lighting research was developed.

The summit conclusions will be presented in a special session at the PLD-C conference, to be celebrated in Madrid next October.




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