Our three Musketeers


Our three Musketeers

As you have probably already discovered, the new linear collection includes a vast array of linear lighting fixtures such as wall, ceiling and suspended luminaires, both surface-mounted and recessed mounted. Additionally, it is possible to choose your own musketeer for the project:                                

  • The slim linear fixture with an extruded polycarbonate diffuser is the best solution for bars, restaurants, private residences, offices and showrooms. It is available in 4 colour temperatures and there is a wide range of accessories to create modular designs. If a stylish and elegant linear fixture is required, this will be the winning option.
  • The one line profile with PMMA optics is extremely versatile and skilful. Because it can offer different beam angle and CRI options [CRI>90 or CRI>80], it and can be used for many different applications such as schools, retail, museums, meeting rooms, hospitals, offices, showrooms, leisure facilities, bars and hotels. It’s a flashy, architectural solution.
  • Finally, the three-line linear profile with PMMA optics is also available in different beam angle up to 34,600 lm. It has been designed to illuminate shopping malls, hospitals, warehouses, industrial facilities, schools and universities, offices, and similar facilities. You control the line, you lead the beam.
Completely custom-designed solutions can be made to order and all the profiles can be supplied in a customized RAL colour.
One for all and all for light.


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