We&rsquo;re quite pleased to communicate the collaboration agreement reached with the Spanish Professional Association of Lighting Designers (APDI) which allows us to be a member of the Lighting Industry Resource Board since 1 August 2018.<br /><br />APDI is a platform that was founded in 2008 to foster the lighting design profession by establishing professional criteria and responsibility to improve lighting in our environment and our cities and express architectural design in the best possible way in addition to adequately using energy resources and achieving user wellbeing.&nbsp;<br /><br />Its aims are completely in line with our commitment to the quality of our lighting projects and active support from lighting designers, support we&rsquo;ve been offering internationally ever since we joined IALD in 2014.
WATERTIGHT lighting up on Faroe Islands

WATERTIGHT lighting up on Faroe Islands[+]

WATERTIGHT lighting up a petrol station on Faroe Islands.&nbsp;<br />The lights are exposed to adverse conditions like strong winds, low temperatures and a saline environment.&nbsp;<br />The 316L stainless steel ring and screws as well as the anti-corrosive aluminium body coated in polyester powder guarantee a long useful life due to the IP65 and IK07 protection.&nbsp;<br />The Tridonic LED module and driver along with the aluminium reflector provide for high efficiency and performance.
Pulitzer Hotel 5* in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pulitzer Hotel 5* in Amsterdam, The Netherlands[+]

<p>The 225 rooms, sitting rooms and reception at the elegant Pulitzer Hotel 5* in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) were recently renovated. ROVASI participated by supplying NUCLEONS especially designed for the hotel and residential sectors. NUCLEONS are downlights with diameters of 110 mm and 130 mm available with a variety of reflectors, light flows, CRIs and colour temperature possibilities to offer a wide range of solutions and choices for hotels, residences and restaurants.</p>
Sagrada Família Museum in Barcelona

Sagrada Família Museum in Barcelona[+]

<p>Pleasant general lighting was created for the Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) Museum in Barcelona (Catalonia) with the VIA model, a symmetrically-distributed linear integrated downlight with an opal diffuser.<br /> VIA is a model with different measurements and connection modules to create a custom system with a design that best fits each individual project.<br /> Photograph: Oriol Mortes / Basilica de la Sagrada Fam&iacute;lia</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
ROVASI lights up Indeed offices in Dublin

ROVASI lights up Indeed offices in Dublin[+]

The job search and recruitment giant Indeed recently relocated its Irish operation offices to a high profile modern office building in Dublin 2.<br /><br />Taking into account the activities to be carried out there, the lighting needs and aesthetics of each environment, the lighting designers team selected a wide variety of lighting solutions, both decorative and architectural, to meet the requirements of each area.<br />&nbsp;<br />In terms of architectural and technical lighting, ROVASI's BSQ, HELIX, BASE and BSM luminaires were the best solution because of their efficiency and lighting quality and for the careful integration of the lighting into the space.
Lighting Map 2018

Lighting Map 2018[+]

<p>If you want to know about the latest innovations that have been added to our range,&nbsp;we are pleased to announce that the Lighting Map 2018 is on the way.<br /> <br /> As you know, ROVASI LIGHTING MAP is a tool to approach our wide range of lighting solutions, the first step to be located in our indoor and outdoor collection. Product features, descriptions, images, realisations and suggested applications are shown there.<br /> <br /> LIGHTING MAP 2018 is available to be downloaded&nbsp;<a href="../../files/servicios/en/b7d9e9d181126fa5a09c279a58c33622a7959405.pdf" data-cke-saved-href="http://www.rovasi.com/files/servicios/en//b7d9e9d181126fa5a09c279a58c33622a7959405.pdf">here</a>.&nbsp; If you prefer to receive a hard copy, please contact us and one will soon be at your desk.</p>
light+building 2018

light+building 2018[+]

<p>Once again, we enjoyed <strong>light+building</strong>.&nbsp;</p> <div class="text_exposed_show">&nbsp;</div> <div class="text_exposed_show">Light + Building is one of the times when <strong>#positivelighting</strong> is really able to glow.&nbsp; Without you, #positivelighting wouldn&rsquo;t be able to shine as well.&nbsp;<br /><br />Thanks for visiting our stand!&nbsp;</div>
ROVASI lights up Microsoft Russia offices

ROVASI lights up Microsoft Russia offices[+]

The offices of Microsoft Russia have been renovated according to the new policy of the multinational regarding work spaces. Offices are understood to be not just a place of work but also a place of being. Offices have become less rigorous, more diverse and more comfortable spaces.<br /><br />As always, lighting has played a key role in ensuring that work environments are pleasant and comfortable. The lighting solution have been carefully chosen from the ROVASI catalogue to create pleasing spaces.&nbsp;<br /><br />For this project, different solutions of recessed trimless&nbsp;<a href="../../en/products/BSM">BSM</a>,&nbsp;<a href="../../en/products/BASE">BASE</a>&nbsp;surface luminaires, and&nbsp;<a href="../../en/products/GRAVITY">GRAVITY</a>&nbsp;pendant downlights were chosen.
Our Three Musketeers

Our Three Musketeers[+]

<p>Our Three Musketeers : One for all and all for light</p> <p>The new linear collection includes a vast array of linear lighting fixtures such as wall, ceiling and suspended luminaires, surface mounted and recessed mounted.&nbsp; Fully custom made solutions can be made to order.</p> <p>These types of luminaires are extremely versatile and can be used in many different applications such as private residences, schools, retail, museums, meeting rooms, bars and hotels.</p> <p>One for all and all for light.</p>


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