light+building 2020

light+building 2020[+]

Light + Building 2020 is just around the corner and the expectations are promising.<br /><br />The ROVASI marketing team has its booth ready and our colleagues in the technical department have developed interesting new fixtures to be showcased.<br /><br />As usual, you can find us in Hall 3.1 at Booth D80.<br /><br />See you there from 8th to 13th March, come and discover our latest ligthing solutions!
ROVASI lights up the Qatar National Museum

ROVASI lights up the Qatar National Museum[+]

<p>The Qatar National Museum was designed by architect Jean Nouvel, who was inspired by the desert rose rock typically found in the region when designing this emblematic building. The museum includes space for permanent exhibits, temporary exhibits, an auditorium and different restoration zones for a total of 52,167 m<sup>2</sup>.</p> <p>ROVASI developed custom&nbsp;luminaires&nbsp;for the museum&rsquo;s general interior lighting. The&nbsp;fixtures, originally from the&nbsp;<a href="../en/products/V20">V20</a>&nbsp;family (trimless appearance downlights that come in a symmetric and asymmetric&nbsp;light distribution), were redesigned by the ROVASI technical team to achieve every detail of the requirements established by the architect and the Scherler Ing&eacute;nieur Gen&egrave;ve lighting designers.</p>
Lighting Map 2019 Batch TWO

Lighting Map 2019 Batch TWO[+]

<p>We are pleased to announce that LIGHTING MAP Batch Two 2019 is now available.</p> <p>Lighting Map Batch Two is a paper tool for use as a first approach to discovering the new lighting solutions developed over the last few months by our Technical Department. The main product features, descriptions, images, implementations and suggested applications are shown there.</p> <p>In addition, the document also contains a summary of the wide range of lighting solutions that are available to meet the specific requirements of your lighting project.</p> <p>Lighting Map Batch Two is split into 2 blocks: new developments and a product range summary.</p>
ROVASI lights up the Goxwiller nursery school, France

ROVASI lights up the Goxwiller nursery school, France[+]

<p>The Goxwiller nursery school underwent renovations to improve its equipment, enhance its functionality and expand its surface area.</p> <p>The renovation included lighting improvements.</p> <p>Considering that lighting is very important to areas where kids spend time since it has a direct impact on their wellbeing and comfort, ROVASI light fixtures were chosen which have more than accomplished the desired effects.</p> <p>The inner areas of the school, classrooms and activity rooms now feature VIA built-in linear lamps while the passage areas and stairways have been fitted with GRAVITY suspended fixtures.</p>
ROVASI lights up Grandi Mathöll in Reykjavik

ROVASI lights up Grandi Mathöll in Reykjavik[+]

Grandi Math&ouml;ll in Reykjavik (Iceland) is a restaurant space with its own unique character. It is a meeting point for culinary explorers in the most modern part of the city.&nbsp;<br /><br />The lighting designer for the multi-restaurant opted for the pendant PLACE luminaires from ROVASI for the general lighting throughout the space on it, they combined PLACE fixtures of different diameters: 550mm, 850mm and 1100mm to get a carefree style.&nbsp;
ROVASI lights up main entrance of NEO GEO building, MOSCOW.

ROVASI lights up main entrance of NEO GEO building, MOSCOW.[+]

KERI Custom-made tubular pendant lamps 1,200 mm high with a 9-metre cable were developed and manufactured to illuminate the main entrance of the NEO GEO building in Moscow (Russia).&nbsp;<br /><br />The slender luminaire perfectly integrates into the elegant space thanks to the vertical aesthetic and black finish.&nbsp;<br /><br />The technical department at ROVASI is capable of developing custom-made luminaires, while the production department is fully-equipped to produce the resulting design. You have an idea, we make it a reality.


<p>Work was recently undertaken at the Costa i Font Culture Centre in Taradell (Catalonia) to refurbish the interior and improve energy efficiency.&nbsp;</p> <p>The former textile factory that is now used as a cultural and social space is lit using linear LED ROVASI luminaires, such as the LIFT wall lamps with dual light emission, the surface-mounted TIRET linear downlights and the linear asymmetric pendant RULE WALLWASHER.&nbsp;<br /><br />The new lighting installation is complemented by the recessed CELL and ATOMIC lamps, pendant HELIX lamps and adjustable DYNAMIC downlights with 360&ordm; rotation.</p>


We&rsquo;re quite pleased to communicate the collaboration agreement reached with the Spanish Professional Association of Lighting Designers (APDI) which allows us to be a member of the Lighting Industry Resource Board since 1 August 2018.<br /><br />APDI is a platform that was founded in 2008 to foster the lighting design profession by establishing professional criteria and responsibility to improve lighting in our environment and our cities and express architectural design in the best possible way in addition to adequately using energy resources and achieving user wellbeing.&nbsp;<br /><br />Its aims are completely in line with our commitment to the quality of our lighting projects and active support from lighting designers, support we&rsquo;ve been offering internationally ever since we joined IALD in 2014.
WATERTIGHT lighting up on Faroe Islands

WATERTIGHT lighting up on Faroe Islands[+]

WATERTIGHT lighting up a petrol station on Faroe Islands.&nbsp;<br />The lights are exposed to adverse conditions like strong winds, low temperatures and a saline environment.&nbsp;<br />The 316L stainless steel ring and screws as well as the anti-corrosive aluminium body coated in polyester powder guarantee a long useful life due to the IP65 and IK07 protection.&nbsp;<br />The Tridonic LED module and driver along with the aluminium reflector provide for high efficiency and performance.


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