ROVASI 30th Anniversary


In 1992, the Olympic Games were held in Barcelona, a year in which the city was transformed and opened up to the world. It was also the year in which ROVASI was set up and we opened up to the world: a world full of LIGHT.

On this day, 27 January 2022, we are therefore overjoyed, very satisfied and extremely proud to celebrate our 30th anniversary with all of you.

The presentation that introduces ROVASI refers to “professionals on all five continents who trust in us to undertake exciting projects”. ROVASI is therefore a project we are excited and passionate about.

That passion has brought us extraordinary and powerful experiences in equal measure, not only on a professional level but also on a personal one. Over the last 30 years of ongoing improvement, we have learned a lesson from every single one of those experiences.

This is the perfect time to express our gratitude for the support of all our distributors around the world and to thank the professionals who have chosen ROVASI to light both small and large projects for their trust. We would also like to thank our network of suppliers for their hard work underpinning all the efforts made by ROVASI to illuminate the world.

Similarly, we cannot fail to recognise the efforts from every single member of our own team, both past and present, who have made ROVASI what it is today.

These 30 years of history have brought us to a point in time with the energy, drive, experience and forward-thinking attitude needed to continue illuminating the world alongside all of you.

Thank you very much

ROVASI 30th Anniversary