ROVASI lighting solutions at the offices of ResMed in Singapore


The architecture and design studio, Broadway Malyan, was commissioned to produce the interior design for the offices of ResMed Singapore, an international medical respiratory equipment company.
The goal for the design of the new offices was to create a collaboration space for interaction and the exchange of ideas between the two main divisions of the company. The offices include numerous meeting spaces, ranging from small and cosy meeting rooms to large open spaces for seminars or events. Each one of them has specific lighting requirements.

Office and workspace lighting is extremely important to building a pleasant work environment in which people find room to be inspired, work as a team and do their job comfortably and efficiently.

In order to meet the lighting objectives set by the designers for the project, several lighting solutions from ROVASI were chosen based on the mounting system and lighting effect required in each space.

ATOMIC, recessed circular downlights available with various opening angles.
GRAVITY EVOLUTION, pendant downlights suspended on steel cables.
TOP, 350mm diameter pendant downlights suspended from short aluminium poles.

Each space has its own characteristics that makes it unique: an architectural design made-to-measure, a specific purpose and functionality or a series of specific dimensions. Whatever the characteristics, whether close-by or on the other side of the world, ROVASI offers the best solution and manufactures the right luminaires for each project. By manufacturing to order, we can undertake the entire process while considering the specific place where our products will be installed. The result is pure excellence.

Photos courtesy of Falkcon Interior Pte. Ltd. / Singapore