ROVASI lights airports at worlwide level


ROVASI lights airports at worlwide level

Despite the fact that airports are inevitably zones of transit, many people actually spend hours at them waiting for their flights to depart or for passenger friends to arrive. From ROVASI we have helped to make the stays of millions of people who pass through airports comfortable and pleasant. ROVASI light fittings have been installed in large and small airports alike, including among others the following:

 - VIP Zone at Sheremetyeo Airport in Moscow/ RUSSIA

- Bilbao International Airport / SPAIN - Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport S4 in Paris / FRANCE

- Sabiha Gökçen International Airport in Istanbul/ TURKEY

- Virgin Atlantic Airlines Airport Terminal in Sydney/ AUSTRALIA

- Jebel Ali Airport in DUBAI/UAE

- New Delhi Airport / INDIA

- Localizer Mall International Airport of Riyadh/ SAUDI ARABIA.

- Larnaka International Airport/ CYPRUS


The high quality of the lighting solutions that we manufacture ensure that the light has a long life and low maintenance requirements. ROVASI references have been laid down by engineers and lighting designers to comply with the demanding technical criteria required in these spaces, as well as being validated by architects in order to meet the necessary architectural and aesthetic criteria.

SEALED DOWNLIGHT, SURFACEBEL, HYDROS, DOWNLIGHTS are among the light fittings that have been installed at these airports. Made-to-measure appliances have also been designed and manufactured to cope with the specific nature of certain projects.


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