ROVASI lights up Domina Shopping Center in Riga, Latvia


ROVASI lights up Domina Shopping Center in Riga, Latvia

Domina Shopping is one of the biggest shopping centres in Riga. More than 160 fashion stores, cafes and restaurants, and a beauty centre as well as various service providers are available there. The shopping centre, which is located between two main streets in Riga, has a retail floor space of more than 40,000 m2.

The owners of Domina Shopping wanted to create a place where people could find everything they may need for an even more beautiful life and a day full of surprises. This is why a comfortable and aesthetically attractive environment was a must. It had to be a place where people could learn something new, gain positive emotions and spend some leisure time in an interesting way.

As always, lighting plays a key role in ensuring a comfortable environment and creating an aesthetically attractive place. So, the professionals in charge of the lighting design successfully placed their trust in ROVASI - CELL to illuminate the interior areas of the building. CELL fixtures stand out because of the elegant thin trim. A high luminous flux was needed because of the high ceilings in the Domina shopping centre. In response to the wallwasher requirements, CELL WALLWASHER was also used to light up some points.

In order to create a comfortable place, all the fixtures were equipped with 2,700 K modules.
Finally, dimmable drivers were supplied to control energy costs, both for economic and environmental reasons as well as to create different atmospheres depending on the time of the day.

Sure you will have ROVASI - CELL  on mind for your coming project.


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