ROVASI lights up Hackett London in Kuala Lumpur


ROVASI lights up Hackett London in Kuala Lumpur

It must be remembered that artificial lighting plays a decisive role in consumers’ purchasing actions. In fact, in a shop, a supermarket or even a bakery, lighting will be decisive, as the products on display are valued according to quality criteria which will have an influence on customers’ purchasing behaviour.

In accordance with this idea, ROVASI provides lighting suitable for presenting products in shops. It recently designed the lighting for the Hackett London store in one of the biggest shopping centres in Malaysia, the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Founded in 1979 in central London, Hackett London is a brand of clothing for men and boys offering fine, smart suits. To highlight their remarkable quality, it is important to have lighting with the same quality standard. That is why the Hackett London brand placed its trust in ROVASI products for lighting its sales area.


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