ROVASI lights up OCEAN PLAZA shopping Mall in Kiev


ROVASI lights up OCEAN PLAZA shopping Mall in Kiev

The new OCEAN PLAZA shopping centre opened its doors in Kiev in November 2012 and was successfully inaugurated in December of the same year after the European Football Championship was held in the country.

Located in the business district of the Ukrainian capital and close to the main commercial arteries of Kiev, this 165,000 square metre space is devoted to shopping and leisure activities.

The immense shopping centre boasts some very specific architecture. Designed by the international firm Chapman Taylor, which has already carried out various well-known projects all over the world, and with assistance from the Ukrainian company KAN Development, the designers of the centre were able to perfectly combine ultra-modern decoration and technology with a bright and pleasing commercial space to create a welcoming atmosphere.

ROVASI luminaires were chosen to light a significant portion of the 165,000 square metres of OCEAN PLAZA. As the ideal option, the lighting designers on the centre rightfully trusted in ROVASI luminaires.

The most remarkable features that persuaded the lighting designers to choose luminaires by ROVASI are:

• Our catalogue offers a large number of solutions with varying degrees of protection: IP20, IP54, IP65 and IP68. IP54 and IP65 protection was required for this project, i.e. Watertight, Super, Qydros luminaires that need a low level of maintenance (protection against the ingress of dust).

• Our capacity to adapt our products to the specific requirements of each project.

• ROVASI luminaires stand out because of their quality and the wide range of solutions offered by our line of products.


For these reasons, a total of six different ROVASI models were chosen for OCEAN PLAZA.


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