ROVASI lights up the Raffles Hotel at the Galaxy Promenade in Macau.


A new hotel from the luxury Raffles brand from Singapore recently opened its doors in Macau.

It is located on the eastern promenade of the Galaxy Promenade Crystal complex.The hotel is highly elegant while also being inspired by the past, albeit with a modern design. For a building such as this, every detail matters and has to be on a par with the whole so as to offer maximum comfort and well-being to guests.

More than 400 ROVASI luminaires were installed in the various spaces. Among the luminaires supplied by ROVASI, it is worth highlighting the small 110 mm recessed SEAL downlights with IP65 protection. The luminaires were modified to suit some strict specifications:

  • Painted finish in a custom coating to offer perfect colour retention and shine.
  • Adjustable electronic equipment so that guests can adjust the light to suit their needs.
  • Customised spread angle.
The luminaires were also supplied with the honeycomb accessory for increased visual comfort.For a perfect finish, the F3.D accessory was used during installation to ensure an impeccable fit in the ceiling.

ROVASI is extremely good at making high-quality luminaires and is adept at luminaire customisation so their characteristics perfectly suit the project requirements. The team at ROVASI looks after every detail to ensure total success.

ROVASI lights up the Raffles Hotel at the Galaxy Promenade in Macau.