ROVASI lights up the facade of the Gran Hotel España Oviedo Spain


ROVASI lights up the facade of the Gran Hotel España Oviedo Spain

The façade is that part of a building which welcomes us and gives us our first impression of the space which we are about to enter. The lighting of the façade also serves to give a sense of security about the place we are entering.

The designers of the lighting for the Gran Hotel España in Oviedo successfully placed their trust in ROVASI luminaires for the building’s exterior lighting.

The 4-star Husa Gran Hotel España is right in the historical centre of Oviedo, in the Principality of Asturias. The hundred-year-old building, located next to Oviedo Cathedral, has always been involved in the city’s most important events. This hotel is in the political, historical and commercial centre of the city, which perhaps is why it retains its characteristic charisma.

The luminaires chosen by the experts were from the ROVASI TUBE range of multifunctional wall lights, giving the possibility of both downlighting or uplighting. In this case both functions of the luminaires were employed, with the choice of uplight or downlight depending on the elements of the façade to be highlighted. The light source was provided by 150 watt metal-halide lamps.


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