ROVASI lights up the offices of Microsoft Russia


ROVASI lights up the offices of Microsoft Russia

The offices of Microsoft Russia have been renovated according to the new policy of the multinational regarding work spaces. Offices are understood to be not just a place of work but also a place of being. Offices have become less rigorous, more diverse and more comfortable spaces.

The hubs of the new offices have become points of communication as well as work and creativity. Their relaxed and welcoming atmosphere stimulates collaboration between the employees and the ideal environment for creating projects.

As always, lighting has played a key role in ensuring that work environments are pleasant and comfortable. The lighting solutions have been carefully chosen from the ROVASI catalogue to create pleasing spaces.

For this project, different solutions of recessed trimless BSM, BASE surface luminaires, and GRAVITY pendant downlights were chosen. The latter were customised to adapt the lighting to the design required by the space. All of them are equipped with LEDs, so the use of technology stands out making the office of Microsoft Russia one of the best Microsoft offices in the world.

Project pictures


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