ROVASI's 25th annivesary


ROVASI's 25th annivesary

This is a special year for the ROVASI team as we’re celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary.

As the years have gone by, we’ve had so many enriching experiences on a professional and personal level, some of which still bring smiles to our faces and others which continue to make our hearts beat stronger.

All of the challenges we’ve overcome have made it possible for ROVASI to be an important part of the international lighting sector after 25 years. We’re very proud of the projects that have been completed and to have gotten so far and continue to be enthusiastic about lighting up new places.

We’d particularly like to thank the entire ROVASI team that has accompanied us and continues to do so on this long path. We’d also like to thank all of our partners and collaborators who’ve also made and will continue to make this project possible.

Thank you all very much and we hope you’ll continue to be by our side for a long time to come.


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