SUPER at the Louka swimming pool in Znojmo, Czech Republic


Once again, the SUPER surface-mounted luminaires from ROVASI are at the epicentre of another lighting project. Their IP65 protection and elegant, robust body make them the perfect tool for lighting spaces where a lot of moisture is present.

The Louka municipal swimming pool in Znojmo, Czech Republic, opened its doors this summer. Designed by the architect, Aleš Burian, the building offers a broad range of excellent installations: several swimming pools, saunas, a jacuzzi and a relaxation room, among others.

More than 300 SUPER luminaires from ROVASI were installed to light these spaces in the new building. For this project, the surface-mounted luminaires are hidden in the hung ceiling and only nine perfectly aligned and distributed points of light are visible in the space to provide even lighting throughout.

SUPER are downlights with complete IP65 protection featuring a robust die-cast aluminium body and glass diffuser. Their European-manufactured aluminium COB reflector and driver guarantee optimal lighting results. The whole assembly is designed to be long-lasting and to offer strong resistance to adverse atmospheres. For the Louka swimming pool, all the luminaires were supplied with an adjustable and controllable DALI 2 driver and the body came in the RAL9005 Dark Black finish.