Siklos Spa (Hungary) lighted with ROVASI lighting solutions.


The new thermal spa of Siklós is situated in a unique natural and historical setting next door to Siklós Castle (Hungary).

The internal architecture of the spa is exceptionally imposing. Lending a special atmosphere, the colorful bastions surrounding the pools symbolize the safe walls of the village castle. Inside each bastion surprising experiences await bathers.

In the three-storey complex of more than 5,000 square meters in area, the cold- and hot-water pools with unique adventure elements, children’s and adventure pools, sauna world and sports grounds offer wonderful opportunities for recreation and leisure.

The fittings installed in the spa area must be able to withstand high humidity, together with water jets and temperatures ranging between 33ºC and 38ºC in the indoor area and below 0ºC outdoors in winter.

For the spa installations the team of engineers chose light fittings from the PROJECTO family and the WALL WASHERS family, complemented with IP65 accessories.

Siklos Spa (Hungary) lighted with ROVASI lighting solutions.