ROVASI beleuchtet die Büros von Indeed in Dublin

ROVASI beleuchtet die Büros von Indeed in Dublin[+]

Das Unternehmen f&uuml;r Personalvermittlung und Arbeitssuche Indeed ist k&uuml;rzlich in ein modernes, anspruchsvolles Geb&auml;ude in Dublin 2 umgezogen.<br /><br />Unter Ber&uuml;cksichtigung der durchzuf&uuml;hrenden T&auml;tigkeiten, der Beleuchtungsanforderungen und des Stils in jedem Bereich w&auml;hlte das Designerteam eine Vielzahl von sowohl dekorativen wie architektonischen Leuchtk&ouml;rpern aus, um die Anforderungen in jedem Bereich zu erf&uuml;llen.<br /><br />Hinsichtlich der architektonischen und technischen Beleuchtung stellten die Leuchtk&ouml;rper BSQ, HELIX, BASE und BSM von ROVASI dank ihrer Effizienz, Leuchtqualit&auml;t und der sorgf&auml;ltigen Integration der Leuchtk&ouml;rper in die R&auml;ume die beste L&ouml;sung dar.
Lighting Map 2018

Lighting Map 2018[+]

Wie Sie wahrscheinlich bereits wissen ist der ROVASI LIGHTING MAP ein Werkzeug, um unser umfangreiches Sortiment an Beleuchtungsl&ouml;sungen kennenzulernen, der erste Schritt, um unsere Kollektion f&uuml;r Innen- und Au&szlig;enbeleuchtung einzuordnen. Im Katalog sind die Hauptproduktmerkmale, Beschreibungen, Bilder, Realisierungen und empfohlene Anwendungen aufgef&uuml;hrt.<br /><br />196 Seiten zur Pr&auml;sentation der 99 Familien mit &uuml;ber 350 Produkten. Der Lighting Map ist in drei Bl&ouml;cken unterteilt: Innen, Innen linear und Au&szlig;en.
light+building 2018

light+building 2018[+]

<p>Und wieder haben wir die Tage auf der<strong>&nbsp;Light + Building</strong> genossen.&nbsp;<br /><br /> Die Light + Building ist einer der Momente, in denen <strong>#positivelighting</strong> erstrahlt, ohne Sie w&auml;re dieser Glanz des Hashtags #positivelighting niemals entstanden.&nbsp;<br /><br /> Vielen Dank f&uuml;r Ihren Besuch!</p>
ROVASI nimmt an der Beleuchtung der Microsoft-Büros in Moskau teil.

ROVASI nimmt an der Beleuchtung der Microsoft-Büros in Moskau teil.[+]

Die B&uuml;ros von Microsoft Russland sind der Arbeitsplatz-Richtlinie des Konzerns entsprechend renoviert worden. Die B&uuml;ros werden nicht nur als Arbeitsplatz verstanden, sondern als ein Ort, an dem man sich aufh&auml;lt, sodass weniger strenge, vielseitigere und bequemere R&auml;ume konzipiert werden.<br /><br />Wie immer hat die Beleuchtung eine Schl&uuml;sselrolle gespielt, um sicherzustellen, dass die Arbeitsbereiche als angenehm und komfortabel empfunden werden. Die Leuchtk&ouml;rper sind sorgf&auml;ltig aus dem Katalog von ROVASI zur Schaffung von attraktiven R&auml;umen ausgew&auml;hlt worden.<br /><br />F&uuml;r dieses Projekt wurden verschiedene rahmenlose Einbaul&ouml;sungen BSM, Aufbau-Leuchtk&ouml;rper BASE und abgeh&auml;ngte Leuchtk&ouml;rper GRAVITY ausgew&auml;hlt.
Our Three Musketeers

Our Three Musketeers[+]

<p>Our Three Musketeers : One for all and all for light</p> <p>The new linear collection includes a vast array of linear lighting fixtures such as wall, ceiling and suspended luminaires, surface mounted and recessed mounted.&nbsp; Fully custom made solutions can be made to order.</p> <p>These types of luminaires are extremely versatile and can be used in many different applications such as private residences, schools, retail, museums, meeting rooms, bars and hotels.</p> <p>One for all and all for light.</p>
TIMBAL and TIMBAL SQ: the best allies to get awesome results for façade lighting

TIMBAL and TIMBAL SQ: the best allies to get awesome results for façade lighting[+]

<div>The fa&ccedil;ade is the part of a building which welcomes us and gives us our first impression of the space which we are about to enter. The lighting of the fa&ccedil;ade also offers a sense of security about the place we are entering. In addition, there are historical and artistic fa&ccedil;ades that deserve to be carefully illuminated to emphasize the details.<br />&nbsp;<br />For these reasons, the ROVASI technical department developed beneficial options so customers can choose the optimal fa&ccedil;ade lighting:</div> <ul> <li>Options for beam angles: from narrow spot [13&ordm;]&nbsp;to wide beam [112&ordm;] due to an extensive assortment of optics.</li> <li>Options regarding the light emission: one side [up or downlight]&nbsp;or two sides [bidirectional, allowing to select different beam angles and luminous flux for up or downlights].</li> <li>Options concerning the fixture shape: cubic or cylindrical, both in two sizes.</li> </ul> <div>And, of course, all of them with LED lighting sources which ensure high energy efficiency and dimming capacity.<br /><br />So, now you&rsquo;d like to know more about&nbsp;<a href="../../en/products/TIMBAL" target="_blank">TIMBAL</a>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<a href="../../en/products/TIMBAL-SQ" target="_blank">TIMBAL SQ</a>, right?</div>
ROVASI lights up the VIP valet parking area at the Mall of the Emirates [U.A.E.]

ROVASI lights up the VIP valet parking area at the Mall of the Emirates [U.A.E.][+]

<p>The Mall of the Emirates is one of the largest shopping malls in the world.</p> <p>This shopping centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a worldwide reference and the number one retail destination in Dubai because of its luxurious shopping and leisure experience.</p> <p>Opened in November 2005, it has gone through several expansions over the years. One of the most recent expansions included the extension of the VIP valet parking area.</p> <p>ROVASI WATERTIGHT fixtures were chosen for the engineers to light up the MOE VIP valet parking area because of their high quality and aesthetic finish. WATERTIGHT are complete IP65 downlights with stainless steel 316L trim and glass diffusers to ensure a high protection rating against dust and moisture. LED and metal halide sources were combined for this project.</p>
ROVASI lights up the Hammel commercial center

ROVASI lights up the Hammel commercial center[+]

<p>As is well-known, one of ROVASI&rsquo;s core characteristics is our flexibility and customer assistance orientation. ROVASI&rsquo;s technical team is challenged daily with finding solutions to specific requirements for projects around the world either adapting standard products to the project needs or creating tailor-made solutions starting with a functional description or sketch.</p> <p>One example is the solution that was provided for one of the retail hearts of the city of Hammel in Denmark. The goal was to light the narrow streets in the pedestrian area to ensure comfortable and safe shopping.</p>


<p>Banks want to transmit feelings of security, solidity and trust. Suitable lighting plays a large role in ensuring the success of relations between customers and the bank. In addition and following its new strategic line, De Nederlandsche Bank wants to attain a feeling of closeness and transparency, and this was definitely achieved at the DNB Visitors Centre in Amsterdam.</p> <p>ROVASI helped create an optimal atmosphere at the DNB offices and Visitors Centre, since the professionals in charge of the project placed their trust in ROVASI luminaires. ATOMIC recessed downlights were chosen for the general lighting of the entire building.</p>


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